Start Design Group wins TOTEM Awards 2016

admin Blog 8 June, 2016

This is our first entry, and what a better way to get started than by celebrating Start Design Group’s win on the TOTEM Awards 2016!

Premios Totem 2016

Winning team for Totem Award 2016


In an event that got the APAP’s (Peruvian Association of Advertising Agencies) ‘Advertising Week’ started, our talented creatives won with their educational campaign for Hyundai Motors.

The competition was evaluated by well known publicists and executives like Mauricio Fernández Maldonado, McCann, Ernesto Melgar, VP Strategy FCB Mayo, Diego Mantilla, CMO Automotores Gildemeister y Alfonso Florez, GM Fundación Transitemos.

The Totem Awards 2016, on it’s first edition, had 14 categories with more than 40 teams fighting for the prize, which included trips to Colombia’s V CONGRESO Y PREMIOS IBEROAMERICANOS SOCIAL MEDIA and specialized courses on the school The Atomic Garden.


The campaign uses daily situations, using easily identifiable graphic elements,like the interior of a car with a beer bottle, a game console controller, a smartphone on facebook. We also used a transit-like sign for the titles of each piece, using black and yellow colors that define them. We finally used the phrase “Think, value and respect” as a final punch line.



Technical details

La pieza ganadora de los premios Totem 2016

Winning piece for the Totem Awards 2016

Title: “Signals of an announced death”

Client: Hyundai Motors

Agency: Start Design Group (

Platform: Digital Billboard

Creatives: Diego Castro Medina, José Luis Briceño

Art Direction: Ronald Taipe



For more information on the Award you can go to: Mercado Negro